Free CamStudio Alternative

Free CamStudio Alternative

CamStudio is one of the most used screen recording tool for either gameplay videos or recording PowerPoint presentations, demos, tutorials and lots more. However, there are certain features CamStudio don’t support and some users just want to find something that would best fit their needs. It’s either CamStudio cannot record full screen or wanting to record voice and screen simultaneously while some users are wanting output that is HD-ready and not blurry in a sense..

camstudio issues 4

camstudio issues

So with this in mind, I’d like to give you one of the best alternatives to CamStudio – a freeware software that is not only a screen recorder but a video editor as well. It’s called Ezvid!

Ezvid, unlike CamStudio, can record your screen entirely. It records any activity that happens on your desktop as it sees everything. Even simple cursor movements it record and it can now even record voice and screen at the same time with just one click of a button. Ezvid capture is very great in quality and is HD-ready.

It’s a universal Windows application that works pretty well with a variety of Windows platforms including Windows 7, Vista, and XP SP3 and is Windows 8-ready. Let’s look at the features of Ezvid so you can get to know the software better.

Screen Recording Features

Ezvid captures your desktop screen in real-time – from online streaming in your Internet to videos, slideshows, Facebook chats, or even to games you play. Then it’s automatically rendered on Ezvid’s timeline and then saved automatically to its project management system “my ezvid projects.”

It accepts video files in various formats including AVI, MOV, MPEG-4, FLV, 3gp, FLV, ASF files. It can also create photo screen shots at any time you want.

With its screen recording capability, it can now record your voice while video is being captured – so perfect for any gameplay or instructional videos you want to cover. Because it can record voice, you can actually make some commentary or narration to your tutorials or games allowing you to describe or explain more and much clearer to your audience. Just click the “capture screen and voice” icon from Ezvid and it will then start recording your voice at the same time you play your videos or lay out the steps of your presentation.

Here’s a nice & quick Minecraft tutorial using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder:


Then there is also an added feature called “game recording”. What it does is it will give you tips on how to record your game with Ezvid including the best resolution to use. To know these tips, just press the “game recording” icon and you’ll get the free tips.

While you can both capture the voice and your video at the same time, you may have the option as well to not the capture the audio and just do it after the recording. You can also do this with Ezvid. Just click the “capture screen” icon alone. It will just record your gameplay but it cannot record your voice. Then once you have recorded your game or video tutorials, you can insert or add voice narration to it after by hitting the “record voice” icon separately. So there are actually 3 new cool features you can make use of with Ezvid:

  • Capture screen and voice
  • Capture screen
  • Record voice

Now up to you which ones you prefer and which features will suit most of your needs. So long as it’s there and it’s free, all you have to do then is make lots of videos you want.

Editing Features

The video editing of Ezvid is not really advanced just like any other paid versions are offering BUT it can be the best out there if you are just looking for some video editor for YouTube or just want some free, easy to use video editors that can upload videos to YouTube instantly without hassle.

With Ezvid, you have the option to add text captions, speed up or slow down your video file, make lots of video clips out of one media file by duplicating or splicing one clip, add some cool music, or even use speech synthesis – a text to speech system integrated into Ezvid.

With the text caption feature, you can make actually make a tutorial in the form of text and then use “synthesis speech” feature so that it translates your text into speech by producing a computer-generated voice to your speech. Very cool, right?

You can also play more with your clips by either playing it faster than normal or slowing it down than what was normal recorded. It’s easy, just one click and you have it. Another great feature you can enjoy with Ezvid are the free soundtracks it offer. It’s all 100% safe for use, all tracks are copyright-clean and accepted by YouTube so if you have problems with music and copyrights, then make use of the tracks offered by Ezvid and use it to your video as background.

If you want to splice or duplicate the files the way you want it, that’s also made possible with Ezvid. It’s just one click of a button and you can do whatever you want. All icons are properly labeled so you are guided accordingly.

The interface is very neat and user-friendly so you won’t actually get lost on what you do. It’s not too complex and it’s very easy to understand.

The nicest part about Ezvid is the ability to upload your finished or edited video onto YouTube without the need to convert the file. Ezvids video output is well accepted by YouTube and so you actually don’t have any problems upping it. All you just need then is your time, your idea and a connection.

Now that’s Ezvid – a free screen recorder & a video editor for Windows and a free CamStudio alternative for you! What are you waiting for? Get Ezvid now and start making your own videos and develop your brand!