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Ezvid is the world's easiest slideshow software for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 8. Create amazing image sequences with music, effects, and text, and share in HD quality on YouTube. 100% Freeware, Ezvid is incredibly easy to use... you can literally make and upload a photo slideshow in a few minutes. Also included is free soundtrack music, and the ability to synthesize computer speech or record your own speech to accompany you when you make a slide video. Ezvid accepts all major image formats like GIF, JPG, TIF, PNG, and more. Ezvid is also the best alternative to complicated and expensive services from companies like Smilebox, Animoto, Photodex, NCH, and Roxio Photoshow.
Screen Recording
Speech Synthesis Speech Synthesis
Ezvid is the world's most easy screen recorder and screen capture program for Windows. Just click the "screen capture" button, and you instantly being recording your computer screen.
Speech Synthesis
Speech Synthesis Speech Synthesis
Ezvid makes amazing computer narration for your video. Make a text slide, click the "synthesize speech" button, and Ezvid instantly creates computer speech for your video
Fast YouTube Upload
Speech Synthesis Speech Synthesis
Ezvid is perfect for getting your videos on YouTube quickly. Ezvid automatically creates videos in 1280 x 720 resolution, optimized for crystal clear display on YouTube.