Fraps Full Version Download Alternative

Fraps Full Version Download Alternative

Looking for a Fraps full version download alternative? Tired of having a screencast software with very limited functionality? OR you just want a screen recorder that lets you do more than just recording your screen? Then get yourself Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows. No more sign ups. No more registration. No more trial period. Just hit the download button and you have a Fraps Full version Download alternative right in your desktop in a few seconds.

Fraps has very limited functionality especially if you are just subscribed into its free version. It does not allow you to capture or record video at a longer duration. It’s restricted and to use its unrestricted full version, it requires you to upgrade with a cost of $37.

But worry no more as Ezvid Free Screen Recorder won’t actually cost you anything to get its full version. It’s the best Fraps alternative right now. Aside from enjoying its full version for free, Ezvid can actually do more than just recording or capturing video real-time. It lets you edit your captured screen and upload it to YouTube instantly.

Get the Full Version For Free

Ezvid Screen Recorder Features

  • Capture computer screen or video real-time and imported directly to Ezvid timeline and at the same time, automatically saved to “My Ezvid Projects”.
  • Record gameplay videos or any activity that happens on your screen in different file formats including .AVI, .MOV, .WMV, .FLV, .ASF, .MPEG, .3GP, .MP4, and lots more
  • Record almost everything and anything that it sees on your monitor.
  • Create photo screenshots at any time.
  • Create video clips at any time.
  • Add background music to your video
  • Add text slides to your video.
  • Speed up or slow down the video.
  • Split media files into two.
  • Add voice narrative to your video
  • Upload to YouTube instantly

With a very net and user-friendly interface, Ezvid Free Screen Recorder could be your best alternative free screen recorder software for Windows

Recording Tools/Features

There are a lot of ways you can record video using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder Software. You can record your screen or desktop, which also allows you to record your Internet browsing or streaming, slideshow or PowerPoint presentations, or gameplay videos. The only limitation right now is that it does not record audio while video is being captured. BUT with its record voice feature, you can add commentary footage to your video capture to provide a narration to your video. You can make use of this feature easily by just clicking the “record voice” icon from the main screen of the software. Same as true for any recording for your instructional video or slideshow Presentation, you can simply click the “capture screen” button and it records everything that happens on your screen right away.

Here’s a sample tutorial on how to capture gameplay videos using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder.


In addition to the recording features, Ezvid Free Screen Recorder saves your captured video automatically to its projects and you can access it any time. Automatic saving needs no call to action so long as the video is added on Ezvid, it is automatically saved and to access your saved project you simply click the icon that is labeled, “Load projects” and Project Folder is loaded. While in that interface, you can either duplicate the project, edit, or delete the videos saved.

ezvid saved projects

Another cool feature that some users might be interested to know about is the ability to capture mouse movements from your screen. Ezvid captures your cursor as it moves around the screen. A nice and great feature especially if you are into creating instructional videos or how-to tutorials where viewers will be required to follow the movement of the cursor.

Editing Tools/Features

Ezvid Free Screen Recorder does not offer the most advanced editing features that other paid versions offer or advanced effects that you are looking for as an editing software, but it does offer some basic editing capabilities that you can enjoy. With Ezvid, you have the option to add text slides to your video with the ability to customize background color, font and style. You can also add background music from different artists which are 100% YouTube-legal and thus safe for use on YouTube. What’s nice with having this integrated into Ezvid is that it saves you from getting your account banned or deleted by using music that isn’t your own. So better use music that is copyright-clean like the ones in Ezvid. Consequently, it does not allow you to import mp3 music due to YouTube copyright  infringement policy.

ezvid text editor

ezvid music library | Fraps Full Version Download Alternative

Speed up or slow down a media file is also one of the editing features supported by Ezvid. Allowing you to either make the clip move fast or slow down, the choice is yours. It also allows you to split the file into two, zoom in and zoom out the workspace, and record your voice making this a great tool for instructional and gameplay videos. With the record voice feature, you can make commentary footage to your video, add voice narration if you want, and show off your skills while teaching someone.

ezvid speed feature | Fraps Full Version Download Alternative

ezvid record voice | Fraps Full Version Download Alternative

Ease of Use

Ezvid Screen Recorder for Windows offers a simple yet slick interface that makes navigating the application so much easier – a title field navigation pane at the left with Ezvid music list options, an Ezvid player where down below are different buttons for different areas of the application including: Capture Screen, Record Voice, Add Text, Voice Generator, Add Media, Load Project, Zoom In & Zoom out, New Project, and Preview icon. Each icon has an incorporated text title so you don’t have to guess what area of the application you are accessing. It’s all being labeled clearly so it helps us know what to choose and where to go while using the software.

Ezvid’s interface is very neat and very simple yet has a slick design making it one of the easiest free screen recorder for Windows out there.

ezvid interface | Fraps Full Version Download Alternative


Help & Support:

To access help and support as well as myriad tutorials and resources available for Ezvid Free Screen Recorder, you can visit the site and also take some time to read the Blog section – a collection of tutorials, news updates, and other fun stuff about Ezvid. It’s free.

You can also join the growing members in the Forum  to also get some latest news&updates about the product.

Know more about the general product information at the FAQ’s page. Responses to frequently asked questions offer a valuable information that you made absolutely need to know especially if want to know more about this software – system requirements, installation, product development – and taking advantage of its FULL features and tools.

Make use of the Contact’s page also if you want to contact the developer/owner of the software and want to get direct response from the technical team.