How to Cut & Trim Video To Upload To YouTube


Note: Ensure you have the latest version of ezvid… since, Ezvid has new “split” and “duplicate” functions accessible via a right-click on the timeline… Download the latest ezvid here.

If you’ve ever edited video before, you know how much of a pain it can be to do the simplest tasks – like cutting down the length of a video clip. Thankfully, the hassles of video editing can be yesterday’s news thanks to ezvid – a free, easy to use video maker for Windows. Today, I’ll explain how you can easily trim your video to the duration you desire – using ezvid.

First and foremost, visit to download and install ezvid. Then, with ezvid open and running, drag and drop the video(s) and/or photo(s) you wish to use onto ezvid’s time-line. Now, click on the left or right edge of your photo or video, and drag left or right to trim the video. You can also rearrange your media by dragging and dropping them into place.
Now, click play to preview your work! That’s it! Wasn’t that easy?

Ezvid is a fast, fun, and free video maker for Windows that allows you to create and edit videos and upload them directly to YouTube. I highly recommend you visit and download ezvid for Windows today.