How To Speed Up, Slow Down, Duplicate, and Split Videos with Ezvid

Note: Does your video seem to be too fast after you record it? This is because your computer can’t keep up with your screen resolution and is dropping frames. Please read this article for help. 

Ezvid is a free video editor, screen recorder, and slideshow maker that has a variety of tools to make editing your videos easy.

For instance, you can easily duplicate any video or photo in ezvid’s timeline.  Just right click the video or photo, then click “Duplicate.

To cut a video into halves, right click it and click “Split.”

Easily change the speed of a video by right clicking the video item in the timeline, and under speed, choose how fast or slow you want your video to play back.  It’s that easy.

Ezvid is fast, fun, and free.  Download Ezvid today!