Black Screen Problems After Screen Recording With Ezvid?

If you are getting a black screen when recording with Ezvid, this means you must put your game into WINDOWED MODE first, and then record it with Ezvid.

We’ve had a few ‘black screen’ reports and ‘screen recorder‘ reports and our current guess is that this happens with games that should be put into “windowed mode” to be recorded with Ezvid. To learn how to put your game into windowed mode, please cut and paste this text into google, but replace the blank bit with the name of your game:

“How Do I Put ___________ into windowed mode?”

Next, please follow the directions you find to put your game into Windowed Mode, and then try to screen record again with Ezvid.

Please try this and tell us if it works or if you’re still stuck… thanks!


There is also a more rare black screen problem which we have seen which is related to corrupted display drivers. We saw it once when we were using Steam to install DOTA 2 and Star Trek Online.

After we installed these games, we went back to Ezvid and found that the display screen was always black. We spent FOREVER trying to find the cause, and in the end luckily we found it.

In our case, the problem was related to a corrupted display driver for LogMeIn. This was also disabling windows Aero on our system. So this is a hint — if windows aero (i.e. fancy transparent windows) isn’t working, and you’re also getting a black screen problem with Ezvid, you likely have this issue.

Here’ how to fix it. Go to your device manager and open “display adapters”

In our case, the problem was solved by right-clicking “LogMeIn Mirror Driver”, choosing Uninstall, and then restarting the computer. We were then able to use Ezvid with no black screen problems, even after re-installing LogMeIn.

Our guess is that Steam and/or DOTA 2 and/or Star Trek Online do something nasty with a computer’s Directx or display drivers, such that stuff can get messed up.