Best Programs To Record Games

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Note: Are you trying to record games from the PS3, Wii, or Xbox? In that case, you should take a look at this.

Gameplay videos are fun but what’s more fun is when we record the way we play our favorite game real-time and show it off to other gamers out there! Now you might have wondered what other gamers used to record their favorite gameplay videos? Are they free?Are they easy to use? How are you going to record gameplay videos? Hmm that’s pretty simple. So in this article, we’re going to review what are some of the best programs to record games.


Not all programs have built-in video editing functionality and so you also need to know the best software to edit gameplay videos and we will also touch that in today’s topic.  So here you go:

Fraps – a real-time screen/video capture & benchmarking software thought to be a universal Windows application.

Main features of Fraps are:

  • As a benchmarking software it can show how many frames per second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.  You can choose from the default 30fps to highest 60fps
  • As a screen capture software, it can take screenshots with just one press of a key! You don’t need to print screen and paste it in a Windows paint program every time you want a new shot and your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped, saves some time, right?
  • As a real-time video capture software, it can record your favorite videos while playing. Now that’s one great revolution of this app making video capturing easy. Of note, Fraps can capture audio and video up to 2560×1600 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second!

fraps interface

HyperCam – a product of Hyperionics which is FREE for all users. How does Hypercam works? Simple, it captures the action from your Windows  screen and saves it as an AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) movie file. It also captures the sound from your system microphone.

HyperCam has limitations: It is not intended for re-capturing or re-recording of other video clips from the screen such as playing in any Media Player, QuickTime, RealVideo, VLC, etc., but rather for making regular software presentations, demos, and tutorials…

What’s the powerhouse of HyperCam is its ability to create text annotations, sounds, and screen notes – a great tool for creating automated software demos and software training!. But just like Fraps, HyperCam can record real-time gameplay videos. Just with a press of a key, it can capture videos. Plus, you have the ability to also choose FPS (frames per second) and compression quality prior to recording your video.

HyperCam v.2 is also a universal Windows application – compatible with Windows Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit releases), XP and 2000.

hypercam screen recording area

Camtasia Studio – is yet another screen capture software which runs both in Windows and Mac versions. However,  this softwaree is not free, instead it’s a shareware so you need to buy to use fully its function.  But it is thought to be one of the best screen capture program. But unlike Fraps and HyperCam, Camtasia does not show any FPS on your screen however, it is capable of capturing video just like its free version called – Jing. These two softwares are being used more when doing Screencast tutorials.

Main features of Camtasia includes:

  • The ability to record PowerPoint presentations, websites, webcams, and software demos easily.
  • Can edit screencasts either by cutting, splicing, adding transitions, and annotations and produce any types of video formats

The free one offered by Camtasia Studio is Jing – which is also another great screencasting tool but with no editing ability. It can take screenshots either by capturing an image on your computer screen OR record up to 5 minutes of onscreen video from your computer.


Best Video Editing Software

The only video editing software I can recommend that works well with Fraps, HyperCam and Camtasia Studio is Ezvid.

Ezvid – is currently the best freeware video editing and slideshow creator for Windows today! Ezvid is also a universal Windows application – from Windows XP SP3 to Vista to Windows 7. Use Ezvid to edit what you have recorded from either Fraps, HyperCam or Camtasia. It’s the perfect combo for those programs to record games. How it works?

Once you have recorded real-time your gameplay videos, you might want to edit it more – maybe add some text slides, or add some background music OR do a commentary footage to your game, right? Making a commentary footage is the usual play here and not other free video makers have this functionality. So with Ezvid, it has all these features plus it is very easy and simple to use. Integrated in Ezvid is the ability to upload gameplay videos to YouTube directly without the need to convert video format that YouTube accepts. Plus comes with the download of Ezvid are free music that are all YouTube-legal so you never have to worry if your video gets deleted :) How cool is that?

Download Ezvid Here

ezvid interface