Top 3 Programs For Recording Gameplay Videos


Recorded gameplay is quite popular on YouTube.  If you’re a gamer and want to show of your skills, or review a newly released game, here are some free programs to help you create gameplay videos, and easily edit and upload them to YouTube.

If you’re looking to record XBox, PS3, or other game console gameplay, try this out.

For Windows PC, Ezvid is now the world’s best freeware alternative for gameplay capture — see here.

1. Ezvid –
Ezvid is perfect for creating and editing your gameplay screencasts.  It’s quick, easy to use, and uploads your gameplay videos straight to youtube.  Just drag and drop your videos into ezvid’s timeline to edit your videos and add text, effects, narration, and music.  Then, upload your video to YouTube straight from ezvid.

2. Fraps
Fraps is the most popular choice for recording gameplay, because it has a simple UI, and can display your game’s benchmark and adjust your video output’s framerate and size.

3. Hypercam
HyperCam is a popular screencasting software that records either a window or area of the screen.  You can change your overall recording settings including frame rate, video compression, and cursor effects.

Tips for better recordings

1. Lower Gameplay Quality Settings:  While it may not be the most desired choice, you will get cleaner video recordings if you lower some of the quality settings of your game.  Even if you have a great video card, FRAPS and Hypercam can lower the framerate of your game play by 50 percent or more.  Instead of playing on “Ultra” settings, use “High” instead.  Or, lower some distance and shadow rendering and your game’s resolution.  If done right, your game will look just as good in your video, and you won’t lose any FPS.

2. Record your narration in ezvid after you’ve played your game.  It can be rather difficult to focus on your game and narrate at the same time.  Use ezvid’s narration tool to record your narration after you’ve played your game.

3. Record and export your videos in HD (720×1280 or higher) by adjusting the size of the capture area and video output settings your screencasting software.  HD videos will better capture the detail of your game.  Ezvid uploads videos in HD and will allow your viewers to feel like they’re playing the game with you.