5 Tips To Become Popular on YouTube


In all the millions of videos and video creators on the web, how do you become popular on YouTube.  Here are 5 tips to help your videos go viral, and your subscribers number grow.
Tip 1:  Make videos people want to see.  How-to videos are great, because they benefit the person watching the video.

Tip 2:  Use a GOOD video editor.  There are a lot of video editors to choose from, but not many that will make a high quality video without a ton of complicated work.  Try using ezvid from www.ezvid.com, it’s fast, easy to use, and free, and it uploads your videos directly to YouTube.

Tip 3:  When uploading your video to YouTube, use popular keywords in your title, description, and keyword sections.  One easy way to find popular keywords is by using www.google.com/trends

Tip 4: Share your video.  Use YouTube’s share options to share your video on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +, or start an ad campaign to promote your videos.

Tip 5:  Make videos regularly.  The more videos you have, and the more frequently you’ll make them, the more likely your content will be discovered and the more likely people will come back and see what new videos you’re making.