How To Screen Capture Bastion


Bastion is a fun, action packed game that you can play on your computer.  Use Ezvid to record and share your gameplay for free.  Ezvid is a free screen recorder for Windows that lets you record whatever is on your screen, then edit and upload it to YouTube.

To get started, first go to and download ezvid for free.

Now, we need to configure Bastion to be recorded by Ezvid.  To do this, from the main menu in Bastion, click “Help & Options”

Now click “Display”

Turn full screen to “Off” and click “Confirm.”  This will put Bastion into Windowed mode.

Now, run Ezvid and click “Capture Screen With Audio” to record your voice and your screen at the same time – or just click “Capture Screen” to only record your screen.

capture screen and audio

Now, run and play Bastion.  When you’re all done playing and recording your screen, just click the stop button.

Ezvid is fast, fun and free. Visit to download Ezvid for free today!