Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives

Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives

What Is Animoto?

Animoto is a slideshow creator that is for use on the web only. The software can produce a unique video from your photos, clips and music. To use Animoto, you have to upload all your pictures and videos from your computer, so that this media then “lives” on Animoto’s servers, and it is by manipulating these server using complex algorithms, that Animoto decides what your video will look like. In the end your video will be constructed at random based on this algorithm.

With Animoto you can share your videos on Myspace, Tumblr, via email or with other Web 2.0 sites. You can embed Animoto videos in your website or blog if you know HTML5 or Javascript, and can edit a webpage on a server.

Animoto comes with unique styles because it has a “cinematic artificial intelligence” — this is a fancy way of saying that Animoto randomly selects FX from its library and applies them to your content. You do have a small measure of control — you can select a “video style.” Some styles are abstract while others are themed for a special occasion or time of year. Theoretically, there’s an Animoto style that’s perfect for every kind of theme.

Animoto videos come in a variety of resolutions.

You have to pay for videos over 30 seconds.

It’s not really Free!

Animoto has a free plan but the video length is only up until 30 seconds, not great for a video production, right? Other than that, it comes in paid versions for $5/month or $30/year for Animoto Plus and $39/month or $249/year for Animoto Plus. Very expensive!

Animoto and One True Media Alternatives

What is One True Media?

OneTrue Media is a video editor program that makes video creation fun, easy and free. It produces a video that is short from your photos, video clips, and other images set to music. It also has professional touches, including pre-set special effects, transitions, and editing features, that turn your standard photo slideshow into a moving video production. A One True Media video can be all photos, all video clips, or any combination of these.

Like any other programs, you can import music to your video or choose background music from their music library. The following are our supported music file formats: MP3 (.mp3) or unprotected AAC (.m4a). OF NOTE: It does not support other music file formats. So if you have a .wav or .wma or any other music formats, you will need a program that can convert music files.

As far as video production and sharing, Basic and Premium Members can have a maximum length of 60 minutes. However, Premium members can share a video online of any length up to the 60 minute limit. BUT Basic account members can share videos online up to 30 seconds long. Again, same like Animoto, basic membership or free accounts can only share their videos of up to 30 seconds long and nothing more.

With One True Media, you first need to register on the site to get a free or basic membership plan. You can have all the benefits to create videos, make slideshows, add texts or special effects to your videos but you cannot share your videos at any length you want. You need to be a Premium member to do this.

Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives

These are all great programs BUT all of these are NOT free…. So we sometimes find better alternatives to these expensive software, those that are free ones, but still can perform almost the same, and luckily there are some of these.

So we take a look at Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives:


Ezvid is definitely the #1 because aside from being FREE, it is very easy to use, it is fast, and no registration required for download. You just install Ezvid, run it, then drag-n-drop pictures, or videos, or pictures and videos in one project and start your video editing. You can add music or text and you’re done. What’s best is that, when you’re finished with your video editing, you can immediately upload it to Youtube by just one click away and you have your video now go live at Youtube. Thus, by far the most user-friendly, hassle-free and easiest free video editor you have to use.

Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor is also another great free video editor you can explore. It has all the basic features of a video editor like drag and drop pictures, add music, supports various video formats, can process blu-ray videos and can share your videos to video hosting sites. However the file size of this app is bigger, around 149MB. But not that bad though, as it is completely free.

Animoto and One True Media Free Alternatives

So if you’re looking for free ones that can perform basic features of a video editor, try these. It won’t really cost you a dime to create beautiful and stunning videos, come to think of it!