5 Free Snagit Alternatives

Snagit is a screen capture program that allows you not only capturing of images, but it also allows you to edit, organize and share instantly to the web. It’s both available for Windows and MAC OS and can be used to take a snapshot of your computer and even long webpages. It can also easily create demo videos, enhanced images with its effects like adding time stamps or callout texts. It can organize screen captures with its tagging features and able to share all the images and demos it crated to social media sites.

However, as ideal as it may seem, Snagit is not for free. You need to buy the program to use it fully and it costs around $49.95 USD. It is expensive and so for many users, free alternatives are always best, and so in this article, will try to unravel some of the free software that is like Snagit or even better. We’ll see what we can find. In this article, we will aim to help you get to know the best alternatives.

Let’s look at these 5 Free Snagit Alternatives:




Ezvid is a screen capture & screen recording program made for Windows which is 100% free. It works more than just being a Snagit alternative as it can even do screen recording. As a screen capture program, it’s pretty much doing exactly the same like Snagit. The only advantage of Ezvid is because it is totally FREE. All you need is to download it right away from the website then install and then just click on the “screen capture” button and you’re done. You have just taken a snapshot of your screen. It captures the whole area of your screen and provides a high quality image output.

Plus Ezvid is capable of editing your captured image – it allows you to add text slides, allows you to add music so it is more personalized, allows you to rearrange sequence of your captured images, even duplicate or trim images and then share it on the web instantly. It really is a great alternative to Snagit as it functions more likely the same like Snagit yet even better. It also supports image formats and allows importing of images from other sources in formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF and other still images.

It runs in a wide variety of Windows platform including XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

 Ezvid-interface | 5 Free Snagit Alternative


Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool is a screen capture Windows 7 feature. It is primarily used to capture screen shots on any object from your screen where you can save as either PNG or JPEG or GIF or Single File HTML. This tool is very easy to use. You can snip anywhere from your screen and then once object is snipped, users can either highlight screen using its pen, and able to send snipped object right away through email.

However, this is only available when you are running a Windows 7 or Windows 8 version. It is not available in Windows XP.  It can only do screen capture and you can’t do any more than capturing from your screen. It cannot send or share the captured image instantly on social media sites and it cannot annotate image as there are no editing tools associated with the software.

win7snip2 |  5 Free Snagit Alternative

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is a lightweight screen capture program and a screen video recorder at the same time. It can capture screen easily and then add text annotations to your captured screen. FastStone captures saves your files in image formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and PDF formats.

It supports hotkeys with capture panel providing easy and quick access to its tools. As far as editing tools, it can crop, rotate, brighten or sharpen colors and able to add captions on images captured. Because it is also a screen video recorder, it records screen activities and able to do voice-overs by capturing sound from your microphone.

FastStone Capture can share screen or captured image through email or to Word or PowerPoint documents or through web by an ftp server.

However, this FastStone Capture is not 100% free. It’s free to try for only a month and when trial date expires, you need to pay $19.95 USD to use its full features

 faststone capture |  5 Free Snagit Alternative


Jing is a very simple and easy to use screen capture & screen recording program available in both Windows and Mac OS. It can easily capture images from your screen and has editing tools where you can add text to comments, arrows, colors, and then lets you share the captured screen immediately on the web by creating a link to the captured image or you can also save the file as PNG file.

Aside from the screen capture feature, Jing also is a screen recording tool where you can use it to capture onscreen video for up to 5 minutes only. However, as a screen recording tool, it has no video editing tools to add or enhance your video. It can share on the web instantly as it creates a clickable file where you can send the links to your friends or either saved your video as a .SWF file. Overall, Jing has still limited features to offer when it comes to screen recording.

 jing | 5 Free Snagit Alternative


Shutter is a screenshot program where you can take screen capture on any specific area or window you want. It also allows you to take screenshots of the entire screen even websites. It is a free open source program and licensed under GPL v3.

Shutter has image editing tools to give users more flexibility when editing images. It can add text, arrows, and other objects like rectangles. Shutter can also crop screenshots easily and add auto-incremental digits. Like Jing, it generates links as a file to use for sharing onto the web.

shutter |  5 Free Snagit Alternative


Greenshot is a lightweight free open source screenshot software for Windows where it allows users to create screenshots of their computer Screen. It can capture a region of the screen or a window. It has image editing tools built-in where one can easily put text annotations or highlights certain area on the screen. It is capable of sending screenshots to email or saved as a file.

However, this software currently offers very limited features and flexibility as far as editing and sharing options.

greenshot-3 |  5 Free Snagit Alternative