21 Best Video Editors For Free Download (Windows)

Almost anyone (with or without experience) can make a good video with a few basic guidelines and the right software. With modern video editing software, you can create and share your own videos very easily on YouTube or other video sharing sites. There are many great software packages which can provide you with the tools you need to capture, edit and share your videos around the world.

Keep in mind — if you are planning on producing a full-length movie or high-budget advertisement, you should first consider whether you want to invest in commercial package, something like this (amazon link).

But if you decide you want freeware instead…..  there are tons free video editing software packages available that you can freely download. We searched a lot and found already twenty-one options!

So if you are a Windows user and you want to create and edit videos, then here are the 21 best video editing software packages for free download.

Ezvid: Download Ezvid from here

Ezvid, video editing software for Windows, is available for free download. It is 100% freeware with no time limit and no registration required. It runs smoothly in all Windows versions so if you’re running Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ezvid might be the perfect software for you. While highly advanced users are mostly using expensive and sophisticated video editing software, Ezvid is undoubtedly excellent software for the average home or novice user. As a video editor, it has the ability to control video speed, merge and split videos, trim & cut, and duplicate movie files. With a simple drag and drop of media files to its timeline, you can easily edit your clips and rearrange sequences of clips anytime you want. You can personalize more your video by adding music, text or even narration to your videos.

Aside from the video editing functions, Ezvid is also an awesome video maker, screen recorder, and a slideshow maker. You can easily record your screen or even record your best gaming videos online and capture them in real time. It is also at the same a photo and video slideshow maker. It is capable of importing any types of video formats including AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG4, MP4, FLV, and lots more. Plus it captures your gaming recording in HD and uploads it to Youtube instantly without hassle. Other software does not support this, in fact, some needs other software to convert videos to a usable format supported by YouTube, but with Ezvid, you no longer go through this hassle as you just have to click the “upload button” and that’s it. You can add background music, narration and other special effects to your videos. No more subscription needed, no more signups, everything is made easy and simple and fast with Ezvid. With Ezvid, you can assure that it is 100% FREE… to take your videos to a higher level.

Download Ezvid here.


Video Easy

Video Easy is video editing software and at the same time a video maker for novice or average home users. It’s designed for amateur video makers. It is very easy to use and allows users to convert their recorded videos into DVD. Video easy can also customize or personalize videos adding some background music, record voice, adjust brightness and color with the added ability to preview the edited video allowing some changes that could help improve the quality of the video. However, this software is not 100% free. It is a shareware and so once subscription has expired, users need to renew subscription to allow extended use. Instant sharing to YouTube is not supported by this software too! Plus file size of the software is pretty much big, around 304MB. The software supports Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista.

video easy

Cyberlink Free (amazon link)

Free Video Editor is a video editing software that you can also download for free. It allows you to edit video files in different formats including AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, SWF, MOV and WMV. It also allows you to rearrange clips to make a new output of a video file. However, functions are limited in this software and doesn’t have much special effects like it can’t easily share videos in YouTube.

free video editor

Aura Video Editor (amazon link)

Aura Video Editor is a professional video editing software which allows you to create videos and slideshows.  Aura Video Editor supports a lot of video formats and images. It has tons of numerous transitions and special effects. It supports subtitles along with the video and able to save in different types of movie formats including MP4, MPEG2, FLV and HD videos for your Zune, Pocket PC, iPod, iPad and lots more. It comes with a unique user-friendly interface with a simple drag and drop of video files and previews video in real time. It has trim function and watermark capabilities so you can brand your own creations. Aside from the video editing features, it can also burn files into DVD disc, create slideshows from photos.

It runs in almost all Windows Operating Systems, from XP to Windows 8 but coupled with its very robust feature is the price. This software however is not totally 100% freeware. It’s a shareware and to fully use its functionalities, you have to purchase the program. You can use it for just a period of days, but to renew and to use it for an extended period of time, you need to subscribe to its plan.

aura video editor | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Full Motion Video

Full Motion Video from Slipstream Systems Limited is a video editing software for modifying, pasting, trimming and cutting videos and audio files in real time. It’s a Windows application. If you need real time editing, then you need this software as it is a cut-based editor with no timeline.  You can apply special effects, transitions and titles to each cut and not to the timeline as a whole. With FMV, it renders the video preview in real time as you change parameters, allowing you to see exactly what you will get on the clips you are editing. This in turn pushes the users’ imagination as it products a more creative way of video editing experience. It offers an unlimited number of effects and transitions with over 300 customizable 2D & 3D SMPTE transitions with masking and 100 customizable video effects each with configurable parameters. Video output supports HD and can share instantly to Twitter, Facebook or Xbox360. However, this software is not a total freeware. It cost you around $19.99 USD to purchase the licensed version and fully use all its video editing/creating functions. Plus no other special features other than video editing such as screen recording or instant sharing to web.

fullmotion | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


Moviestorm is the world’s first video sketch tool. It is a complete animated movie-making package for PC and Macintosh users. It can While you can download it for free but it’s not totally 100% free. You can download the full suite of movie making tools plus its 39 content packs at 225 USD so it’s quite expensive. But it’s packed with massive library of characters, props and animations with an explorative game-style interface. No animation or artist skills required, it’s fast, fun and easy. Free to try for 14 days only!

moviestorm | | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


Avidemux is a freeware video editor for the purpose of simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X under the GNU GPL License. It supports many movie file types including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4, and ASF but using a variety of codecs. However, unlike most other basic video editing software, this software offers very limited in its functionality and features. If you really want to do more than just cutting and encoding, then Avidemux is not the right software to use. Plus, the program crashes on Windows after loading a video, and so for Windows users, make sure you disable openGL in Avidemux’ preferences.

avidemux | | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


VirtualDub is a video capture and editor processing utility for 32-bit (98 -ME – NT4 – 2000 – XP -Vista – 7) and 64-bit Windows platforms licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).  However, it only performs basic editing functionalities and potentially lacks the editing power of more advanced editor such as Adobe Premiere.  But it has the capability of batch-processing large numbers of files and its functionality can be drawn-out with third-party video filters.  VirtualDub’s primary focus is towards processing AVI files, but able to read (not write) MPEG-1 files and BMP images. It comes with a clean interface layout and uses keyboard and mouse shortcuts for a faster and easier operation but may not be very easy to use. It’s not a video creator or a slideshow maker. It’s only geared towards editing and processing AVI files. It does not support instant sharing of files in the Internet.

virtualdub | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

t@b ZS4 Video Editing Software

t@b ZS4 Video Editing Software is a video editing and compositing system with over 120 built-in video effects which also includes color and chroma keying. Other key features of this software includes custom output video width and height, customizable speed and direction change for video and audio, ability to slave effect and compositing controls to audio wave forms with unlimited tracks and sub-composites. It is a Windows application that runs smoothly with XP and 2000 operating systems. Other than those features mentioned, that’s just it for t@b ZS4. It has a clean interface like most other software does but it’s not very easy to use and does not support instant sharing of videos to Internet and not really a good one to recommend for beginners.

21 Best video editing software for free downloads


Blender is a free & open source software. It works on 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD. It has a clean and fully customizable interface which allows you to change and adapt and redistribute the layout of all UI components and tools. It has a built-in text editor for annotations. Blender also supports character modeling through Sculpting. With Sculpting, it can be used to create very detailed looking characters. It can also transform any model into a posable character using the Rigging function of the software. It offers fast skeleton creation mode with interactive 3D paint for vertex weighing and whole lot more of features. But comes with the complexity of its features is its ease of use.

This software is not very user-friendly and requires advanced editing skills to render your videos well. If you don’t have any experience with video editing yet, make sure you don’t mess with Blender. You can try other software great for amateurs/beginners if you are just jumpstarting to be a video editor.

blender | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


Wax is a freeware for business or personal use built for high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects. The concept behind Wax is for users who loves to do video compositing coupled with special effects so users can create their videos perfectly the way the want it with ease at any time.

Wax features 2D & 3D special effects and can work in two modes – as a standalone application which would be very appealing for average home users or beginners or as a “plug-in” to video editors/NLEs which would be much more useful for advanced editors. Currently, Wax can work as a plug-in app with Sony Vegas, Pure Motion Edit Studio and Adobe Premiere.

Another feature includes availability of use graphics acceleration with video card for creating mind-boggling effects in real-time or near-real time. Plus the unlimited video and audio tracks with top-down compositing and many compositing modes though audio features are quite limited at this time).

It also supports 2D, 3D plugins and transitions,  lighting, shadows, texture generators for creating effects.

wax | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


As the name implies, it’s a nice tool to work with AVI files. It is however not totally a freeware program and you need to purchase the licensed version to fully use its features. This video editor offers users an unlimited power of digital video processing. It is thought to be easy to use, with cool video effects such as warping, color restore, ability to reduce noise. It has the capability to capture video in one-frame-per-minute (web camera) option, with a 2 Gb file size limit. It can send your videos to printer or you can heavy compress it and allows you to post to your webpage.

You have the option to change frame rates, duration of the video, frame size, color depth of your videos and other video properties, even without distorting the quality of the video or recompression. Another feature is it allows users to convert its AVI clips into image files like BMP files and BMP files to AVI or even animated GIFs. But the overall interface looks a bit more behind than new ones developed today.

aviedit | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads


Jahshaka is a freeware program built for Windows OS and many distributions of Linux users which is a media management and playback, compositing, video and audio editing and effects application. It is an open source project under the GPL license.

The application can handle real-time image processing. It can edit DV, SD, HD and film as well as real-time 3D compositing and Flash animation. It supports modules for color correction, keying, and tracking, and an array of media support. Plus, it also comes with JahPlayer, a media player that works with “virtually” all audio and video formats.

Thought to work well with cross platforms, however, as an open-source application, it’s not going to run perfectly yet, and so its not yet highly recommended. The ability to share videos online or instantly also sets back from other video editing programs.

It’s merely just a real-time editing program without other strings attached!

cinefx jashaka | | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Movica is a graphic or movie editor for Windows Media (.wmv), MPEG files and FLV movies with the ability to select or delete multiple portions from a video file. The program lets you copy, paste and fine tune selections and also supports joining and splitting of video or movie files. It is thought to be fast and easy to use however it does not work well with 64 bit Windows. It is compiled as a 32-bit Windows and thus makes its major drawbacks from other users who are already using 64-bit Windows.

It does not support other features like what other video editing programs can do. It does not support instant sharing of files to the Web or YouTube. The interface is quite old in its design –  needs to have this upgraded. So overall, it’s very limited in its features.

movica | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Zwei-Stien Video Editor

Zwei-Stein is a great freeware non-linear, non-destructive video compositing and editing software, but the user interface is very technical, not so easy to use thus only great for advanced users and not so good for average home users/beginners. It has claimed to be fully-feature, offering many different effects and can edit up to 256 video, audio, and still image clips with up to 64 effects. Cropping, panning and custom effects are easy with its automatic key frames. Quite an interesting program that’s worth a try.

zwein stein | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

AVI Trimmer + MKV

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer + MKV is a free video editor for AVI and MKV editing for Windows users. This freeware AVI editor is pretty small but smart and easy to use. No encoding/decoding processes involve. No acclaimed video/audio degradation and out-of-sync problems after editing. It supports all AVI and MKV file size and video/audio content.

With AVI Trimmer + MKV, you can easily edit movies for YouTube and cut or trim out any AVI part you want. Plus it supports any video content ranging from DV,  XviD, DivX, to 3ivX, MPEG-4, etc. It also supports any audio content, from MPEG-1, 2 Layer I, II, III to AC3, etc. It also supports Matrosska files and allows cutting off several portions of a movie at one time. It also has the ability to get rid of all commercials in your movie and supports multilingual interface from English, Chinese, , Finnish, French, Italian, Danish, German Russian and Spanish, and more.

solveig avi trimmer | | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a product from Microsoft which you can also download for free. It allows you to create, edit and share your videos from your computer to the web. It runs only with Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems. With Windows Movie Maker 2.6, you can also create slideshow of pictures, you can add music from any sources and able to save movies in various formats. However, when you’re a Vista user, you need to disable first the 3D Aero for you to use Windows Movie Maker.

windows movie maker | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Corel VideoStudio Pro (amazon link)

Corel VideoStudio Pro X5 is an all-in-one video editor as it brings together screen recording, creative editing with advanced effects, interactive web video and total disc authoring. It is thought to be super-fast and packed with intuitive tools. It allows you to create family movies and slideshows, fun motion animations, even video casting or screen recordings of presentations, and more.  You can easily get creative with advanced compositing and stellar creative effects with 22 multimedia tracks included. It supports Windows operating systems, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP with latest service packs installed (32-bit or 64-bit editions) but the file size is quite big, around 1.33Gb, and its only free to try for about 30 days. It’s a shareware program and to fully use its features, you can buy at 79.99USD

corel video studio pro | | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

Xilisoft Video Editor

Xilisoft Video Editor a video editing software that allows you to edit video files in various formats like AVI, MPEG, SWF, MOV, WMV, as well as for playback on popular devices such as iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, and so on. It is a video joiner, splitter, and cutter at the same time. As a video joiner, you users may join many videos in various formats at one time.  It also supports previewing the source video and target file, you can watch the video in the preview window. It works well with Windows OS require 1GHz processor or above. However, it doesn’t support any instant sharing of files nor capable of doing recording. But Xilisoft Video Editor is worth having a try.

xilisoft video editor | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is a fully featured video editing program that lets you easily create your very own professional looking videos, complete with transitions, music and narrations. With a  simple drag and drop of your video clips into the timeline, apply special effects and transitions and thought to be one of the fastest video stream processors.

It is capable of editing videos from your camcorders, with over 50 visual effects. It is also a DVD burner that can be used as a standalone video file for enjoying on web and other portable devices. It is also capable of slowing down video playback or reverse playback of video clips and supports sharing of videos online. It also supports file saving for export to YouTube or PSP and other 3GP mobile phones. Like other video editing programs listed here, VideoPad works well with Microsoft Windows OS, from Windows 7, XP to Windows 8. However, you can fully use its packed features if you buy the licensed version at around 69.95USD. It’s not 100% freeware.

videopad editor | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

VideoSpirit Pro

VideoSpirit Pro is a Video Converter/Editor program that runs well with Windows operating system, including XP, Vista and Windows 7. As a video editing tool, it can add slide effects, and subtitles into a video clip. Users can also rotate, resize and warp video clips any way they want. It can also join multiple video and audio clips together with a converting speed that is fast with an excellent output quality. That’s just basically about VideoSpirit Pro. It is not a freeware program, its a shareware and so you have to purchase it to fully use the feature it offers.

videospirit pro | 21 Best video editing software for free downloads

In conclusion:

We recommend you start with Ezvid. Download Ezvid from here.

There may be a preference of one over the other because of the features it offers. However, these software are mostly compatible with Windows and performs most of the basic video editing functionalities. And in video editing, you just have to remember some important elements that a software should have – supports special effects, easy-to-use, “save” functionality, capability of capturing video in either full screen or customizable area, the size of the file after rendering, and the ability to upload to YouTube or to the web easily and instantly, without a hassle.

When planning to get a nice video editing software, first consider what your really want to do. Some software may only perform simple, get-it-all done tasks such as slideshows, cutting and trimming, converting or burning DVDs. Whilst others offer complex video editing tools such as animations, multicam edits, special effects, and advanced templates

Video editing can be a bit hard when you don’t have the right elements in place coupled with not having the right software to use. Plus it becomes even harder when you are using complex software that you don’t know the functions of it tied with a not user-friendly interface making your video editing even more complicated. Some of these factors impedes us to create simple yet compelling videos. That said, know first what you want to do and try to find video editing software that best suits what you need.  There are free video editing software that are readily available for use.

These free video editing software may not be the best but it can perform more likely the same with paid, expensive ones. And it comes with either using online or offline. The advantage of using offline video editing software is priceless as you can work on your video edits without the need to connect to the Internet anywhere at any time. You just have to download it straight to your desktop or laptop and work from there. Though it’s not the perfect solution but it may be the best solution nowadays.