What To Do When You Are Bored

If you’re feeling bored and don’t know what to do, then here’s a cool idea I’d like to suggest: Go make some videos. You might feel it’s kinda lame and tedious but not anymore today coz you can make videos even faster than you thought. And when you make videos, go upload it on YouTube, edit it with a good video editor and then promote or share it with friends. I thought this is going to be fun and super easy. And to help you get started with videos, you need to download the right software called Ezvid as its a perfect tool to use for most of your YouTube videos.

Of course I only trust Ezvid amongst other free video makers coz using it will help me make videos real easy and fun. If you’re not familiar with Ezvid yet, it’s a free video maker for Windows and is made & designed for YouTube videos. It’s a Windows application and runs pretty well in all Windows OS platform – including XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7.

So if you are into Windows OS, you can check out Ezvid and download it for free with no registration required.

So when you have Ezvid, you can either make a how-to video, you can record a video of yourself using a screen recorder software then have it imported on Ezvid for more editing of your video. You can also make slideshows of pictures. So if you have some cool pictures you wanna share or maybe some cool clips and wanted to put together into one video, you can do that with Ezvid too! It surely is a great tool for slideshow creation.

ezvid free video & slideshow maker

Now if you are also fond of gameplay videos and like to record the way you play minecraft or any online video games, feel free to capture it with a screen capture program such as Fraps or HyperCam and then edit it with Ezvid. Surely, it will take your videos a higher step with quality and effects using Ezvid.

You can also make use of the royalty-free music that comes with the download of this software. It’s a perfect background music for most of the videos you create. All the tracks are copyright clean and so it’s safe for use for YouTube. It’s intentionally built so your videos won’t get muted when you upload it on YouTube using Ezvid.

ezvid free music library

You can spice up your videos if you also do voice narration. You want voice narration then Ezvid can be the right software for you. You just hit the “mic” icon and it will start recording your audio. Also perfect for gameplay videos where you like to make a commentary footage or if you are into making education videos.

record voice

There’s more, add some cool text slides if you want to – you can just click “add text” and it simply displays the text editor where you can customize more the font style and colors you want.

add text using ezvid

ezvid text editor

So there you have it – for lull moments or boring times of the day, make fun with Ezvid and you’ll never know what videos you can make. Upload it to YouTube and it might be hitting you lots of views that might even go viral.

Uploading it on YouTube is very easy – just click the “upload to YouTube” button, then agree to YouTube Terms and Conditions, login to your account and wait for the videos to successfully uploaded onto your account.

upload to youtube using ezvid

Once uploaded, share it to your friends – either in Facebook, Twitter, or any social networks you have! Now that’s something special. So remember, when you’re bored and got nothing else to do, make videos using Ezvid and share and get comments in return!

Stay tuned for more fun ideas and tips here at Ezvid.com

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens