Make Game and Gameplay Videos for YouTube using Fraps

  EZVID IS NOW THE BEST FREE SCREEN RECORDER FOR WINDOWS: ezvid screen recorder Today, I’ll be showing you how you can easily create gameplay videos with music and narration using FRAPS ( and ezvid ( This will work well for game titles like: MW2, Modern Warfare 2, Diablo III, Mass Effect, Minecraft, Borderlands, Star Wars, and more. FRAPS is a screen capture software commonly used to record video game play.  Once downloaded and installed, you can record your gameplay.  Under the ‘Movies’ tab, you can adjust the settings of the video you’re going to record, such as where the video file will be saved, and what framerate (Frames Per Second/FPS) to record, as well as the video size. Once you’ve recorded your video, open ezvid and drag and drop your FRAPS video(s) into ezvid’s timeline.  From here, you can trim, duplicate, and edit your media.  You can easily add text and narration, as well.  Ezvid comes with a library of royalty free music you can also use to enhance your video.  When you’re done editing your video, click the ‘upload to youtube’ button to share your video on YouTube. Ezvid makes editing your gameplay videos easy and fast.  Visit to download ezvid for Windows today.