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True gamers know the importance of investing in a durable mouse. These gaming mice contribute significantly to user control and accuracy during gaming sessions. Leave it as an afterthought, and expect to perform poorly. Some gaming mice are extremely high-end while others are more simplistic in design and cost; but many behave in the same manner. So, which mouse is the best? To find out, we have compiled a list of the top 10 gaming mice based on Amazon user ratings. The countdown begins in descending order, with #1 being the most recommended product.
This Mad Catz R.A.T. mouse is all about fast and smooth accuracy. It features a precision control button that slows down the cursor to execute sniping, as well as a speed control button. With two scroll wheels and a metal foot users can expect smooth and reliable performance for extended use. It even comes with a built in hand tool, that can widen the thumb rest, for a more personalized and comfortable experience.
This wireless, USB receiver mouse is designed for comfort for extended web browsing and gaming. It features a DPI button that offers two pointing speeds; and has 4 metallic weights allowing users to set their preferred weight for personalized speed and performance. Running on AAA batteries this mouse is also portable for on the go use.
Its comfortable design with soft rubber grips, contoured ergonomically to shape your palm, means the most comfort for extended gaming sessions. And its super-smooth feet roll across nearly every surface. Its dual lens means advanced precision for fluid use. And with 1600 DPI high-definition optical technology, that delivers 2-4 times the sensitivity of standard optical mice, means more smooth and precise tracking.
Expect reliable performance with this Corsair mouse designed for comfort and maximum gaming experience, that even comes with a dedicated sniper button. Users can instantly adjust the DPI for precise control when switching between different sensitivity settings. This mouse even had lift detection for accurate tracking and cursor placement - making this a smooth, reliable mouse experience.
This Logitech mouse puts your personalized comfort in mind with its sculpted shape and tuned buttons. It includes a 12-button thumb panel for users to navigate quickly without having to look away from the screen. This panel can also be color customized and set to personal DPI levels or button assignments. And with a G-shift ring-finger button users can double the number of actions while gaming.
This Razer mouse has reliability in mind with its seven foot light-weighted, braided fiber cable, and gold-plated USB connector. It also had a scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions, and mouse buttons with anti-slip rubber coating; giving users the perfect combination of comfort and precision while gaming. Considering this mouse was released on September 22, 2009, it is impressive that it's still currently ranked #19 in the Gaming Mice category on
Never run out of power with this USB recharging mouse that keeps your extended gaming sessions in best interest. It also has a high-precision laser tracker and on-board memory that stores up to five game profiles. And powering at 1,000 reports per second, this full speed wireless Logitech responds quickly without being tied down. Curved to fit the palm of your hand, it also had gliding feet for total control.
Recently released on November 21, 2012, this Anker mouse features 8000 DPI high-precision laser for better cursor control, made specifically for gaming. It stores up to two gaming profiles and has nine programmable buttons for a personalized experience. And with no-slip buttons and protective, smooth-gliding underside users can expect total control and accuracy while gaming. A six-foot braided fiber cable and gold plated USB connector also makes this mouse every reliable.
No matter what hand speed, this Logitech mouse delivers precision targeting, and pinpoint accuracy with its 3600 DPI optical engine. It also has in-game sensitivity switching, allowing users to choose between four DPI levels for either precise targeting, or extremely fast maneuvering. It also has sculpted grips, low-friction feet, and long-life buttons for marathon gaming. This PC made mouse is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
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“We did 100+ hours of research and testing. You’re not going to find a better value than our #1 choice.”
The USB 2.0 interface Cobra E-3blue mouse functions on 3 DPI levels - 400/800/and 1600DPI, which means more user sensitivity control for an accurate gaming experience. It also has six buttons with a scroll wheel, and a frame rate of 4000 frames per second. Comfortable for all hand sizes, this light as a feather mouse is designed for durability at a great average price of $15.