Free Nightmare House 2 Screen Recorder


We’re getting close to Halloween, and what better way to set the mood than to play a fun horror game with your friends.  One popular choice may be the HalfLife 2 Episode 2 mod known as “Nightmare House” – or Nightmare House 2, which is an updated version of the original, and includes updated graphics and new levels.  If you want to share your scares and record your screams, try using the best free screen recorder for Windows: Ezvid.

Ezvid is free and can be downloaded at  Once have Ezvid and Nightmare House 2 installed on your computer, it’s time to prepare your computer for the best quality  video possible.

First, you’ll want to lower change desktop’s screen resolution to not only record in the same HD resolution Ezvid records in, but also help make your gameplay more smooth and higher in quality during gameplay.  In most cases, just right click your desktop and click “Screen Resolution,” choose “1280×720″ and click apply.

Now, you’ll want Nightmare House to match.  Open it up, go to options, then go to Video.  Change the resolution your aspect ration to 16:9, your resolution to 1280×720, and have Nightmare House run in a Window.  Save your settings.

Finally, open Ezvid and click the “Capture Screen” button.  Once the countdown is done, you can start playing your game.  When you’re done recording, or if Nightmare House 2 is just too scary to continue playing, just exit your game and click the Stop button  Ezvid will render your gameplay into a video in the timeline where you can edit and upload your video straight to YouTube.

It’s that easy.  Start recording your own gameplay videos today with Ezvid – the best FREE video maker for Windows at

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens