Freeware Minecraft Video Maker

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  1. Download and install Ezvid.
  2. Open ezvid                                                                                      ezvid icon on desktop
  3. Open Minecraft                                                                                Minecraft Icon
  4. Login to Minecraft and Play
  5. Go to options
  6. Under video, turn off fullscreen
  7. Return to Ezvid by clicking the taskbar icon
  8. Press the screen capture button in ezvid                   Minecraft Screen Capture Icon
  9. Select advanced capture, and enable Select Capture Area
    Start your capture and draw a rectangle around your minecraft screen!

That’s it!

Note: For best results, don’t move or resize your minecraft window after you start screen recording!

Minecraft is an awesome creativity and building game, where you can build block and constructions in a three dimensional world. With two main modes — Survival and Creative — plus Hardcore, get prepared to waste thousands of hours of your time building stuff!

Also have you tried Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Note: Are you trying to record minecraft on the XBox or PS3 or other game console? Ezvid doesn’t actually have this functionality yet. In this case, you need to hook up your PC and your game console to enabled recording. For this, we can strongly recommend This Awesome Game Capture Addon

Screen Recording
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Speech Synthesis
Speech Synthesis Speech Synthesis
Ezvid makes amazing computer narration for your video. Make a text slide, click the "synthesize speech" button, and Ezvid instantly creates computer speech for your video.
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Ezvid is perfect for getting your videos on YouTube quickly. Ezvid automatically creates videos in 1280 x 720 resolution, optimized for crystal clear display on YouTube.
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