Before You Begin

Recording your Mass Effect 3 gameplay is free and easy with ezvid. Share your powerful multiplayer characters and items, or your favorite single player scenes.

Setup Mass Effect 3 for Screen Capture
    1. Open Mass Effect 3 and click Extras

Mass Effect 3 Main Menu

    1. Click options

Mass Effect 3 Options Menu

    1. Click Graphics

Mass Effect 3 Graphics Settings

    1. Set to Windowed mode and 1280×720 Resolution

Mass Effect 3 Windowed Mode HD

  1. Accept Changes


Start capturing your gameplay
    1. Open ezvid

ezvid icon on desktop

    1. Open Mass Effect 3 (if it isn’t already open)
    2. Click the screen recording button

Capture Mass Effect 3 with Ezvid

  1. Ezvid is now recording your gameplay!


Stop capturing, and share your video!
    1. On your keyboard press ALT-TAB to get out of Mass Effect 3

how to alt tab

    1. Click the stop button in the bottom left

stop ezvid screen capture

  1. Crop, resize, slow down, and speed up your video in ezvid
  2. Upload your Mass Effect 3 video to YouTube and share with friends!

That’s it!

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens