How to Make Cut the Rope Videos - Screen Recording

Precision is key in the browser game, Cut the Rope. Use your mouse to free pieces of candy to feed your pet monster. Cut the rope securing the candy correctly to earn stars and to make your monster happy! Sharing your Cut the Rope gameplay on YouTube is as easy as pressing a button…with Ezvid that is. Ezvid – the free video editor with a screen capture tool.

You are only four steps away from creating your own Cut the Rope video with Ezvid. Check it out:

1) Download and install Ezvid at – it’s 100% free!
2) Run Ezvid and press the “Capture Screen” button.
3) Launch Cut the Rope in your internet browser, and press the “F11″ key on your keyboard to go fullscreen. Now start your gameplay.
4) When you’re finished capturing, press the “Stop” button.

Ezvid will then quickly render your footage and will place it in the media timeline for you. Now you can edit your video, add text slides, change the background music, add your own narration using the “Microphone” tool, or upload straight to YouTube by pressing the “upload to YouTube” button.

Now, wasn’t that easy?! Visit to start making your gaming videos today.

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens