When it comes to sharing large files, the use of torrents is a popular choice.  Torrents basically allow files to be accessed from your computer remotely through something called “seeding.”  Seeding is the allowance of the file to be accessed from your machine.  When someone downloads the torrent, they can “seed” it, allowing others to download the file should your computer be off.  It can potentially increase download speed as bandwidth availability increases.

To create your own torrent, download a torrent program like uTorrent (www.utorrent.com.)  In uTorrent, go to File>Create New Torrent.  A window will open.  Click “Add File” to add a specific file from your computer, or click “Add Directory” to add a folder of files to your torrent.

The next step is to add a tracker.  A tracker is like a gateway that links your file to whoever is downloading it and allows you to seed it – it’s what connects your file to the web.  For a list of trackers, go to www.torrentking.org

Once you have a tracker, or multiple trackers, choose if you want the torrent to be private, if you want the file order to be preserved, and – most of all – choose to start seeding.  Now, click “Create and Save As” and save your torrent to your computer.  Send the torrent file to your friends or coworkers, and as you seed, they can start downloading your file(s.)

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens