How To Use Speech Synthesis In Ezvid

Get the latest version of Ezvid today – as it’s now able to synthesize speech in an extremely cool way!


As you may know, speech synthesis is a simulated production of human speech which can be implemented both in software or hardware. Ezvid can now turn any text you have created in text slides into synthesized speech!

Here’s a tutorial:

1. First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of Ezvid.

2. Click the “add text” icon to create a text slide. A text editor will show up which gives you the option to customize more the background colors and font styles.

ezvid text icon  | how to use speech synthesis in ezvid

3. To start synthesizing speech, click “synthesize speech” icon and wait for a few seconds while Ezvid is finalizing it. What this does is it will convert what you have written in your slide into speech and voala, you now have it!

ezvid speech | how to use speech synthesis in ezvid

4. Hit “Play” to preview your video and see if everything is in sync.

ezvid play icon | how to use speech synthesis in ezvid

OF NOTE: Now, there are some cases where texts characters are longer than the duration of synthesized speech so it was cut off and so it was not sync. If you come across this, do these steps:

1. Adjust the length of the slide (by dragging the edge of a particular slide) so that the duration of synthesized speech matches the length of the text characters (see image below)

adjust length

2. For changes to take effect, you should delete the whole audio recording which you have done previously by just placing your cursor on the audio timeline (in green marker) then right click and click on “Clear Recordings”. Then click the “synthesize speech” icon again and you should be seeing the changes you have done. Do this until you sync the length of the text characters and duration of the synthesize speech.

clear recordings | how to use speech synthesis in ezvid

So that’s how you can use the “speech synthesis” feature of Ezvid. You will find it very cool and helpful especially if you have slideshow presentations and/or instructional videos to present. So make one now and publish it on YouTube! Go get Ezvid Free Video Maker for Windows today!

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens