Are you really interested in finding out how to upload videos to Facebook? There are many methods available to upload videos to Facebook; however, I’ll show you an interesting way in which you are enabled to upload videos to Facebook through YouTube. That is, first, you’ll make a video of pictures, and then you will upload it to YouTube. After that, I’ll show you the method to share this video from YouTube to your Facebook account.

In this tutorial, I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to upload videos to Facebook; however, before sharing your videos to Facebook, you need to do some simple steps to make it ready for that. This method not only allows you to upload videos to Facebook, but also upload it to YouTube before sharing it to Facebook. So, you’ll get more and more viewers and who knows! if you have made  a great video, you can even make an income stream with that. In short, you will be able get double benefit following this method.

Make a stunning video to keep your viewers and fans happy by uploading it to YouTube and Facebook. It is essential that you possess an excellent video maker to carry out 90% of the steps I describe. Most of the video makers available in the market will tempt you with many offers, but when we consider the intuitiveness and price factor, you’ll get disappointed to pick any of them. Let us ignore complex programs that are extremely expensive and require huge learning curve to figure out the whole program. Why to go for these useless apps when you have a stunning option called the Ezvid. This intuitive, free-to-download video maker can be used to easily create videos within minutes. With Ezvid, let loose your imagination and instantly make breathtaking videos for your followers, fans, and friends on your favorite social media sites. The main attraction is that this innovative software is 100% free!!! Regardless of whether you are planning to create a vacation video, a birthday party video, or a promotion video that exhibits your products in style, this cute Ezvid application incorporates just about everything essential to create an impressive video, which is creatively ideal & full of professionalism. Along with quickly creating your best videos, the Ezvid lets you publish your video in YouTube within seconds.

Ezvid is compatible with a number of image formats, such as PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG, among others. The ultimate result using Ezvid is first class. What you need to do is just load your bunch of images to Ezvid timeline, pick out an appealing music track, type some text, and customize the images a bit as per your decision. At the time you feel like the slideshow seems exactly how you wanted it, just type in some standard details and then click the “upload to youtube” button. This instantly triggers the uploading…it’s as simple as that. In addition, the tracks readily available in Ezvid library are precleared for use on YouTube, therefore you don’t need to bother about any copyright violations while uploading the slideshows to your YouTube account. The Ezvid application is designed specifically to work with all modern Windows versions, such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, & Window 7.

If you are fed up with other video makers and still not not familiar with how to upload videos to Facebook…this is the perfect way to do it. I’ll demonstrate some simple steps on how to upload videos to Facebook through YouTube using Ezvid. Just follow the steps given below:

Note: Before starting the above mentioned process, make sure that all the pictures needed for creating the picture video are put into a specific folder. Doing this will actually increase the speed of slideshow creation process.

First Step – Downloading Ezvid and Installing It

The very first process involved in the picture slideshow creation is downloading the Ezvid application, which is a slideshow maker available free of cost in the market, and installing the application. Click here to download this free application.

Second Step – Opening the Ezvid Application Installed on Your PC

Once the set-up process is completed, you have to double-click the shortcut icon of Ezvid (Screen shot of Ezvid desktop icon) , which you can see on the desktop of your PC, to load the Ezvid app on your system.

If the shortcut icon of Ezvid is not visible in the desktop, read the steps mentioned below and follow them to load the application:

For Windows 7

  • First step is clicking the Windows ORB (Screen shots of Windows ORB) on the taskbar.
  • Then, in the search field, enter the text ezvid to display the Ezvid application on the Windows ORB menu.
  • Click the icon for Ezvid application (clicking the Ezvid icon) to load the application.

Screenshot - opening ezvid in windows 7

For Windows XP

For loading the Ezvid application, click on the Start button, point the cursor towards All Programs, point the cursor towards ezvid, and then click on the icon of Ezvid application icon (clicking the Ezvid icon).

Screen shot - Opening Ezvid in Windows XP

Third Step – Creating a New Project

For creating a new project, click on the New project icon (Screenshot - The New project button)

Screenshot - Starting a new project on Ezvid


Load an existing Project – To load an existing project, click on the Load a Project icon (Screenshot - The Load a project button) for displaying the my ezvid projects window.

Move the cursor over the project that has to be loaded into the Ezvid application, and then click on the edit project icon (Screenshot - Edit project button).

Screenshot - Loading an already saved project

Result: The project is loaded into the Ezvid app.

Note: If you want to remove or duplicate an existing project, click on the delete project icon (Screenshot - Delete project button) or duplicate project icon (Screenshot - Duplicate project button) accordingly.

Forth Step – Inserting the Pictures on to the Ezvid’s Timeline

For finishing the forth step, perform either of the following two ways:

Method 1: Choose the location you prefer (folder that has the pictures for slideshow creation), and then drag and drop the pictures directly on the timeline of Ezvid.

Screenshot - Dragging the pictures to Ezvid timeline

Method 2: Click on the add pictures or video icon (Screen shot of Ezvid Add media button), browse to find the location you prefer (folder which has the pictures for video creation), select the pictures meant for video creation, and then click on the Open button for inserting the chosen pictures to the Ezvid’s timeline.

Screenshot - Adding pictures to the Ezvid timeline

Note: You can choose and add pictures either one after the other or as a group. When you select multiple pictures at the same time, ensure that you continuously press the CTRL key on the keyboard till you finish the picture selection.

Fifth Step – Customizing the Picture Slideshow Through Ezvid

After all the pictures are added, do the modifications listed below for giving a professional look and feel to the picture slideshow:

Include a Catching Music Track to the Picture Slideshow: From the list named as Music, click a music track of your choice to pick it.

Screenshot - Adding music track to Ezvid

Note: In the Music list, for listening to the demo of any specific music track, move your cursor to that specific music track.

Increase the Time Period of  Picture: Move the mouse cursor over the picture added on the time line of Ezvid. When the mouse cursor becomes an arrow with two sides (Screen shot of double-sided arrow), drag the mouse cursor to the right side to increase the time frame.

Screenshot - Lengthening the time frame of Ezvid

Jumble Up the Pictures That Are Inserted: Click the pictures of your choice; drag it to left or right sides to toggle the order in which your pictures appear.

Screenshot - Shuffling the pictures on Ezvid

Put Text in the Picture Slideshow: Click the add text button (Screenshot of Add text button) of Ezvid to display a pop-up field. In the pop-up field, enter a few text. After you enter the text, click on the button named finish to exit the text field.

Screenshot - Adding text to your slideshow

Opt for/Clear the Pan and Zoom Function: For performing this step, choose a loaded picture, and right-click on it. Then, click the Pan and Zoom property for enabling the photo’s pan and zoom function.

Screenshot - Adding or removing the pan and zoom properties

Note 1: You can view a tick mark beside the Pan and Zoom property if the pan and zoom property is already selected. For removing the tick, click on Pan and Zoom property once again so as to remove the tick mark.

Note 2: Similarly, it is possible to duplicate, split, or delete the pictures in the timeline of Ezvid.

Add a Voice Annotation: To perform this, click the record voice button (Screen shot of mic icon) next to the add text button (Screenshot of Add text button). Get the mic of your PC, play the slideshow of pictures, and begin to record your voice narration for the selected part of the video.

Screenshot - Adding a voice narration to your slideshow

Sixth Step – Put in Description, Title, and Keywords to the Picture Slideshow

Enter the necessary details in the description, title, category, and keywords fields.

Screenshot - Adding title, description, keyword, etc. to your slideshow

Seventh Step – Preview the Slideshow of Pictures

After finishing the steps ranging from 1 to 6, click on the play button (Screen shot of play button), check the slideshow of pictures, and perform the required changes (if there is any) before uploading the slideshow of picture on to YouTube. Once done till this stage, you can easily upload the picture slideshow on to YouTube with a single click.

Eighth Step – Upload the Picture Slideshow on to YouTube

To complete this step, click on the upload to youtube button. After this step, when prompted, open your account in the YouTube channel with your login credentials to begin the process of uploading picture slideshow to YouTube. Wait until your picture slideshow is rendered and uploading process is completed.

Screenshot - Uploading your slideshow to YouTube

Upon successful completion of the above step, a notification message that confirms that the picture slideshow is uploaded successfully to your YouTube account will be received. The content of the notification message is usually a Click here to watch your new video on YouTube message. Click on the here link in the message displayed to view your picture slideshow on YouTube, which is shown as follows.

Screen - Watch the new youtube slideshow

Ninth Step – Share the YouTube Video to Facebook

Once the video is playing, click the Share button that can be seen just below your video.

Screenshot - Sharing the video in YouTube

Now, click the Share to Facebook icon to display the Share this link page.

Screenshot - Sharing to the Facebook Account

In this page, click Share Link.

Screenshot - Share this link page

: Now, your video is shared and loaded to Facebook.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you can easily create and upload a picture video to YouTube and then share that video on Facebook. To find other interesting & useful tutorials, click here.

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens