How To Upload A Screenshot

How To Upload A Screenshot

There are some great alternatives to uploading screenshots however if you’re new to screencasting and don’t know how to upload a screenshot then this article would greatly help you as today, I’m going to teach you the easy way to upload a screenshot on YouTube.

Screenshots are one of the best effective tools in conveying to others what you have explained in your article OR it’s merely one of the best visual effects you can present to your readers especially when you are teaching someone something – a gameplay video, a how-to tutorial, a class presentation, and lots more. But you always wish to have uploaded your screenshots on YouTube and though there are lots of free programs out there, none is as good as Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows, which is very easy to use and most of all, it’s yours for FREE.

Ezvid Screen Recorder for Windows can create screenshots of your monitor, online streaming videos or program, gameplay videos, or even create screenshots to your PowerPoint presentations. All you just have to do is download Ezvid Screen Recorder software right away and then make use of the features it offers plus learn this quick and easy to follow tutorial on how to upload a screenshot either on Facebook or on YouTube.

To get started with your screenshot,

1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows on your PC

2. Once download is complete, install the program on your PC .

3. Once installed, open Ezvid from your desktop and then you should see Ezvid interface right at your monitor (see image below)

ezvid interface

When Ezvid is now open, you can start making lots of screenshots whether from your online games or videos to your screen, photos, or just about anything you want to make a screenshot with.

4. To start making a screenshot, just click the “capture screen icon” of Ezvid (as seen in the image below).

capture screen | How To Upload A Screenshot

5. Then a countdown timer prompts to get you ready in about 2 seconds and once it disappears, it now starts capturing your screen.

countdown timer

6. Hit the “Ezvid stop” icon once you have captured the image or the video. That screenshot is then imported immediately onto Ezvid’s timeline waiting for further customization or editing.

ezvid stop icon

To make another screenshot of images or videos, just press the “capture screen” icon again and “stop” and it’s then added immediately to the timeline. As of the moment, Ezvid is not able to customize the region or area you want to make a screenshot nor let you export the file right away from Ezvid. The editing part of the file can be done on Ezvid.

You can split the screenshot into two parts, add text slides, add background music, or even duplicate it.

7. To split your screenshot into two parts, you just have to right click the media file and then click on “Split” and that file will be divided into two parts.

ezvid split | How To Upload A Screenshot

8. To rearrange sequence of your screenshots, you can easily double click the file and drag it to where you would want that file be placed in the order you want it.

9. You can also add text to your screenshots – just simply click the “add text” icon and it will show you a text editor which lets you customize the background color, font and style as well. Click “Finish”. Add more text slides if you want.

ezvid text | How To Upload A Screenshot

ezvid text editor

10. Your screenshot upload is more enhanced when you add background music – just hover over a song at the Ezvid music list and choose the song you like for your screenshot.

ezvid music list | How To Upload A Screenshot

11. Duplicate your screenshot if want to by right clicking the media file and click on “duplicate”. It will then duplicate that file right away and added immediately to your timeline.

duplicate | How To Upload A Screenshot

How to Upload a Screenshot

To upload your screenshot – simply click the upload to YouTube” button and then agree to terms and conditions set by YouTube. Then login to your account and wait for a few minutes while your video is being rendered.

upload to YouTube | How To Upload A Screenshot

Then a message will show up in Ezvid to let you know that the video is upped successfully on YouTube.

youtube message link | How To Upload A Screenshot

How to Share your Screenshot on Social Media Sites

Sharing to Social Media sites is pretty easy – once it’s now uploaded to Facebook. Just simply click the “Share” button and then click on either Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media sites you have accounts with.

youtube share | How To Upload A Screenshot

So that’s how you can simply upload a screenshot using Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows. It’s that easy, right? So go ahead and download Ezvid now and start creating your own screenshots. Get more updates and latest buzz only here at

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens