Making The Frustration Game Videos - How to Record

The Frustration Game – the browser game where you must move through a maze without touching the walls. How many levels can you get through before your frustation becomes too great? Why not share your Frustration Game gameplay on YouTube? It’s fast, free, and easy to do with Ezvid – a video maker equipped with a screen capture tool.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1. Download and install Ezvid at
Step 2. Run Ezvid and press the “Capture Screen” button.
Step 3. Open WeeWorld online and press the “F11″ key on your keyboard to go fullscreen. Now start your gameplay.
Step 4. When you’re finished capturing, press the “Stop” button.

Ezvid will quickly render your video and place it in the media timeline. Now you can edit your video, change the background music, add text slides, add voice synthesis, or upload straight to YouTube by pressing the “upload to YouTube” button.

Try Ezvid for free today at and start creating your gaming videos.

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens