How To Record Activity On Your Desktop

How To Record Activity On Your Desktop

We all love to record something on our computer, especially when we want to teach someone something we know we are so skilled of. Others will find it just for fun while online gamers love it to show off their talents. But still a lot of us today don’t know yet how to record. The solution is pretty simple: Use a screen recording tool that will let you record full screen, is very easy to use, and won’t cost you anything.

There are a lot of these tools out there but none would compare to Ezvid – a screen recording tool, and at the same time, a video editing software for YouTube. It’s the world’s easiest screen recorder and screen capture for Windows. It’s 100% freeware. No hassle. No need sign ups. Just one click of a button and you can start recording anything on your computer.

Ezvid however runs only with Windows and is a universal Windows application – from XP SP3 OS to Vista and Windows 7. It’s a very lightweight application (with only 0.93MB) and so it doesn’t eat up much disc space on your hard drive plus the video output of Ezvid is well and widely acceptable by YouTube so if you plan to upload your recorded activity on your desktop, you can always share it straight to YouTube using this software.

It captures almost everything it sees on your screen – even movements of your mouse it can capture. It records full screen and records your voice as well. So if you don’t know how to use it, in this tutorial, I will teach you how to record activity on your desktop using Ezvid Screen Recorder for Windows.

1. First you have to download the program. You can get Ezvid for free here

2. Then install it on your computer. It’s very light so it doesn’t take much longer to install and you won’t have any problems at all if you are running XP SP3 and higher versions of Windows

3. Once installed, you can open Ezvid right away to start. You should be prompted with Ezvid interface after you double click the Ezvid icon.

Ezvid interface

4. Then click the “capture screen” icon and the countdown timer starts. When the timer fades, it means Ezvid is now capturing your screen.

capture screen

5. Go to your online game, or the video you want to stream, or the slideshow you want to present, or just about anything you are doing on your screen and Ezvid is actively recording this.

In this example, we go to and find a video we like to record and just let the video stop until it ends.

ezvid screen capture

6. Then click “stop” when you’re done recording the video.

ezvid stop feature

7. The file is automatically rendered on Ezvid’s timeline

ezvid timeline youtube

When it’s now on the timeline you can either add text captions, add background music, duplicate or splice, or even add speech synthesis.

8. If you wish to go and record another activity on your screen, you may do so by clicking the “capture screen” again and repeat steps 4 to 7 and that capture is added as another media clip onto your current project.

9. To upload your recorded screen on YouTube – you can do so with just one click of a button (see image below). Make sure you agree to YouTube Terms & Conditions and also signed in to your YouTube account.

upload to youtube


And thats just how you record anything on your screen using Ezvid. Its fast, it’s easy and most of all, it’s free. Get Ezvid Screen Recorder & Video Editor for Windows today and make lots of screencasts.