How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

Promotional videos are one of the best ways to market your website. You may thought that creating promo videos are one of the hardest thing to do but it’s not anymore today. No longer you need video creator experts to do those for you as some of the software now can easily make and create promo videos for your website.

All you need is to have the right software and the right idea. Lots of software are available that can create promo videos but none could compare to this very easy, quick, and most of all, free screen recorder for Windows – Ezvid. It’s definitely the world’s easiest screen recorder and the first video maker to integrate speech recognition system onto its software. Most of all, this software is free FOREVER! It’s not a shareware so it gets rid of having you sign up and place you on a trial period for a number of days. It’s absolutely FREE and gives you the capability of enjoying all the features it offers.

No more sign ups. No need registration. No hassle. Free voice synthesis and 100% freeware – Get Ezvid Free Screen Recorder now and learn how to make a promo video about your website.

To get started,

1. Download Ezvid Free Screen Recorder for Windows version

ezvid free screen recorder | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

2. Once download is finished, install the software onto your PC. It won’t take that long and this app is very light too so it won’t take up much space on your disc.

3. Once installation is complete, run Ezvid on your computer. The Ezvid interface would show up (as seen in the image below)

ezvid interface | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

4.  Start creating a promo video of your website. To do this, click “capture screen” icon of Ezvid.

capture screen | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

5. A countdown timer prompts to get ready in about 3 seconds. When this disappears, the recording is active and starts recording everything it sees on your monitor.

countdown timer | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

6. Go to the website you want to promote. Show off its features, products, and everything you want to promote from your website.

7. Stop your video recording by clicking the “stop” icon found at the bottom left corner of your screen (see image below). Then it is being rendered immediately onto Ezvid’s timeline ready for enhancing and editing.

ezvid stop icon |

Once clips are now on Ezvid, you can now make commentary footage to your video, speed up or slow down the video play, add text or background music, and even split media files into two.

8. To make commentary using voice, just click the “record voice” icon (as seen in the image below). Make sure you have microphone on and volume is not muted so it captures the audio. Just hit the icon again to stop recording voice narration.

ezvid record voice | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

9. If you want to sync voice narration with the video playback, you can then adjust speed of the video by right clicking the media file – either slow it down or speed it up.

ezvid speed feature | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

10. To add background music while you are narrating to your video – go to the music section of Ezvid (as seen in the image) then choose from the list of tracks. Definitely choose what best fits to your promo video.

ezvid music library | How To Make A Promo Video About Your Website

11. Add some texts to your promo video – by clicking the “add text” icon and Ezvid text editor will prompt which also gives you more option to customize the background color, font, and style. Click “Finish” once done and its added immediately onto your timeline.

ezvid text editor

12. Zoom in or zoom out your workspace by clicking the + – icon on Ezvid.

zoom in or out

13. Then add details to your video – title, description, and keywords. Then when everything is ready, upload it to YouTube

ezvid title description keywords

14. To upload video to YouTube – click the “upload to YouTube” button and in a few minutes, your video is being rendered and uploaded to YouTube.

upload to youtube

Then share the video to your friends, customers, or even embed it on your website. That’s how you can make a promo video about your website. So go get Ezvid for yourself now and enjoy everything it has to offer. Again, no more sign ups needed. No registration required. Just download and it’s yours forever!


Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens