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There are lots of ways how we can make a Free Birthday Slideshow for YouTube. Some requires a lot of process and some are easy but takes time. Today, I am going to show how to make a slideshow for Youtube using EZVID, a free video maker for Youtube that is designed to make video editing fun and easy.

How To Make a  Birthday Slideshow using Ezvid

1. First, before we begin, you should have EZVID installed in your computer. To do those simply follow this guide mention in this article the basics of downloading and creating slideshows 2. After downloading EZVID, we can now proceed with creating a Birthday Slides. You can use personalized photos and even downloaded photos. If you want to add creative photos to your slideshow you can download quality HD pictures at this site. (see the screenshot below) Ezvid Free Video Maker | Photopin 3. Now we are ready to create your first birthday slide. First you need to run EZVID on your computer. Just simply look for the EZVID icon on your desktop, or go to Windows Orb (for vista and Windows 7 users) then click “all programs” then locate ezvid on the list of programs.

How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 4. Once you clicked on EZVID icon, the program will run and will give you the EZVID interface. Please see the image below.

 How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow

  5. Once you see the EZVID Interface, you can now begin creating your birthday slides by uploading the pictures you have. All you need to do click on the “import media files icon” as pointed by the red arrow in the figure below.

  How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow

6. Once you clicked the “import media files” you can select which directory or folder your pictures are. Then just select a picture or you can select all pictures by pressing “CTRL+A”.

 How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow

7.  Once you are done pressing CTRL+A, click OPEN to import all pictures that you selected. How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 8.  After pressing the “Open Button” you will be back to the EZVID interface and you can now edit your slide using the timeline. The red arrow will indicate the timeline. How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 9. You can extend the length of time of your pictures by dragging the pictures going right. See this video for more information. // Add background sounds and Text messages to give a personalized touch in your Slide. Click on the “song” to select what type of song you will use. See the picture below. The arrow will indicate the song selection. How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 10. To add a text message simply click on the “T” icon below the import media icon as indicated by the red box. How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 11. You can then personalize more the video by adding a description, keywords and your own narration. Once you are done, you can click the “upload to youtube botton located on the lower right portion of the EZVID interface. See the picture below How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow 12. Once the upload button is clicked you will need to agree to the terms and conditions. See the picture below

 How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow

13. After clicking the “agree button” it will prompt you to logon to your youtube account. Just in case you don’t have a youtube account yet, click the “creat an account” button to create a new account. If you have an existing youtube account, just click the “login to google account” button. How To Make A Free Birthday Video Slideshow After filling the logon credentials, you are now on your way to uploading your first birthday slide. With EZVID, you have the direct access to uploading directly to YouTube. Unlike the other Video editing software out there which will make you save the movie first in your Computer then upload it manually. EZVID does the job of uploading your videos directly without any hassle and its FREE.