How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

There are ton of ways to get traffic for your website and one of them is by utilizing video and YouTube. If you are wanting to rank your site on Google’s search engine and wanted to gain more visibility coupled with lots of customers or audience, then explore the possibilities and creativeness of making videos and YouTube. It will pretty sure amaze you what a video can do for you and for your Website.

You don’t need to be a pro to create videos, you just need the software that will do this job so easily and perfectly for you. Especially if you are into marketing your business – may it be a real estate biz, a product of any kind, a tutorial video, or anything that involves marketing, then creating videos is a very effective and efficient tool. You know visuals are much more powerful than just plain article so why not use videos to gain more traffic, right?

Today, I’m going to show you how to get traffic for your website with video and how you can start creating promotional one and some helpful tips in doing SEO for your videos as well.

Repurpose Your Content

If you have some articles already posted on your website or blog and you can create a video out of that content, then that would be one great idea. To create a video out of the article, especially a how-to article, you need to have a software that is user-friendly and can upload videos straight to YouTube – I best recommend Ezvid Free Video & Slideshow Maker for YouTube.

Promote Your Product

One way of promoting products online is making a video of it – and in order to create powerful videos, you need to have the right software to do it so fairly easily and quickly for you. Again, I best recommend you use Ezvid – a Free Slideshow and Video Creator for Windows. When you have downloaded Ezvid, you can import pictures of your products or even various video clips and tweak some more and upload it on YouTube. You must upload your videos on YouTube.

When your videos are on YouTube, it will attract more customers than just products sitting alone on your Website. This will gain more traffic as your videos can be seen outside from the box. Let’s face it, it will take us a couple of months to get into first page of Google and so it would also take us more time for our Website to appear on Google or worse, may be not when it’s not properly optimized and so that’s why taking a step into video and YouTube will help increase traffic to your site.

Optimize Your Video

It’s not enough that you have created lots of videos and posted it on YouTube. You need to make sure you have optimized your videos very well for it to also show on YouTube’s search engine. When you use Ezvid, you can already make easy SEO of your video. When you fill in the title before you upload your video, this is the time for you to create catchy, attractive, and straightforward titles for your video.  One trick I learned is that to copy the title of already existing video that has millions of views yet you can rephrase it so it looks more natural

In the description, you can put your Website link and always start with an http:// so your video link is clickable. Make your description concise yet impacting readers.

In the keywords field of Ezvid, choose relevant keywords, copy keywords from those that has most views already yet it would also be relevant to your videos.

When you have done SEO of your video and upload it on YouTube, there’s sure way you get traffic for your Website.

Share Your Video

Even if you already created videos and post it on YouTube, that’s not enough. Utilize the social networking sites that would let you share your videos online – there are tons and when you are on YouTube, there’s a Share button you can click and it will prompt you with available sharing sites you can share your videos – examples are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and lots more. So do share it to these social media sites and expect some traffic in return.

 youtube share button | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

StumbleUpon is a great referral site so you might wanna check it out. Of course, you have to have an account in order to submit to these sites. Well, it doesn’t take you much longer to create one, so if you really are needing the traffic, follow all those advises and expect some traffic in return :)

Ezvid as a Video & Slideshow Creator

If you are still unsure how to use Ezvid to create videos, then here’s a simple tutorial that would help you create one for your own needs.

1. Download Ezvid Free Video & Slideshow Creator

2. Install Ezvid on your PC. Ezvid is a Windows application and works pretty well in a wide variety of Windows OS – XP SP3, Vista and 7

3. Once installed, open Ezvid from your desktop

4. Import pictures you want to promote on YouTube – may it be a real estate house, a hand-crafted jewelry, your photography, or any kinds of products you have pictures with. Simply click the “Add picture or video” icon and locate the folder where you have saved your pictures.

add picture or video | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

5. Create catchy title, description and put relevant keywords to your video.

add title description tags | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

6. If you want to tweak more your video, you can add a commentary footage to your video by simply clicking the “record voice” icon.

add voice over | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

7. A background music is available when you downloaded Ezvid and its all copyright-clean. So choose from the available list of songs and enjoy.

ezvid free royalty music | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

8. To add some text to your video, simply click the “Add Text” icon and you can now create text slides for your video.

add text slide | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video

9. When you are satisfied with how you made your video, just click the “upload to YouTube” button and in a few moments, your video is saved and successfully uploaded to YouTube. That’s the time you can then share your videos on other social networking sites using the “Share” button feature of YouTube.

upload to youtube button of ezvid | How To Get Traffic For Your Website With Video


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