How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

Looking for a free Fraps alternative? Tired of using Fraps due to its limited functionality and low quality output? Then Ezvid might be a better Fraps alternative for you. Go get Ezvid now and learn how to use it as a screen capture software and make lots of gameplay videos.

A lot of users these days are wanting to get a Fraps alternative for the following reasons seen below:

free fraps alternative

free fraps alternative

free fraps alternative

So in this article, would like to introduce you to a new software which is absolutely FREE, very light in file size, much better, and HD-ready, its Ezvid – a free Fraps alternative to your screen recording needs.



Yes you heard it. Ezvid now supports screen recorder capture with its newest version. You may know Ezvid as a basic video editing software but now it integrates screen capture and even text-to-speech system called “speech synthesis” into its functionality – making Ezvid the world’s first ever video maker that has this feature. Whoaaaa!

To get Ezvid Screen capture, just download Ezvid Screen Capture Software for Windows and you have it right away.

With its screen capture function, it records everything that happens on your screen. While Fraps is using frame rate, Ezvid does not as it captures the whole region. It doesn’t have the option yet to customize the area. However, what’s cool is that you can use the “Magnifier” tool of your Windows to get a closer look of your screen or make texts bigger. Watch video below.


However like Fraps, it does not capture yet the sound BUT what you can do is you can make a voice narration of your recorded gameplay video to make it more like a commentary footage effect. Now that’s something worth a try, right? So instead of capturing audio of your game videos, use the record voice icon to show off how awesome you are at with your gameplay. And especially if you are into tutorial videos, commentary footage or making an instructional video using voice narration is awesome! And you can do that with Ezvid. No need to go to another software as Ezvid makes it easier for you.

ezvid record voice

While Fraps needs a video editing software to edit or enhance the files, using Ezvid alone needs no editing software as again, it’s by default, a video editor for Windows too! So once screen capture is done, the media file is automatically imported to Ezvid timeline in a few seconds ready for editing.

import media file to Ezvid


ezvid timeline | How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

Now that’s less hassle for any Ezvid user, right? Now the most awesome part of using Ezvid is that it can upload straight to YouTube. All you just need is to have a YouTube account and then click the “upload to YouTube” button once your video is ready for upping. And again, in a few minutes, video is being uploaded and go straight to your YouTube account ready for sharing to your friends or even to other social networking sites or embedded to your website.

ezvid upload to youtube icon | How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

Below is a few steps on how you can use screen capture of Ezvid and up your video on YouTube for more viewers, exposure, popularity, or even personal branding .

1. Download Ezvid Screen Capture for Windows – a free Fraps alternative.

ezvid freeware screen capture

2. Install the software to your computer and open it once installed.

3. Click “capture screen” icon and a countdown timer prompts for about 3 seconds.

capture screen

4. Once countdown timer disappears, it starts recording your screen. You can open your gameplay video right away and start recording your game.

5. Press “stop” icon to stop your recording and its being imported right away to the timeline.

ezvid stop icon

6. Enhance your video by either adding a voice narration, adding text slides, splitting one file into two, or speed up or slow down a media file.

ezvid speed up or slow down feature

7. Choose a background music at Ezvid music library. These tracks are free and comes with the download of the software. It’s safe for use as its 100% YouTube-legal.

ezvid music library | How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

8. Preview your video before upping it on YouTube. Remember to add title, description and keywords.

preview icon | How To Get A Free Fraps Alternative

9. Once you’re good with it, finally click the “upload to YouTube” icon and it will then start uploading your video. Of course, you have to agree to YouTube Terms&Conditions and login to your YouTube account.

ezvid upload to youtube icon

And that’s how you can record your game with Ezvid – a free Fraps alternative to your gameplay videos. It’s fast, it’s easier, and it’s all in one software. Get it for FREE now and make lots of commentary gameplay videos for your business or personal branding!


Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens