Free XFire and WeGame Alternative

Free XFire and WeGame Alternative

Online gamers, for some reason, do like to record their in-game videos so they can show off their skills to their friends and most likely, to gain popularity and build online presence among others. There have been popular software being used to record gameplay videos and is mostly preferred such as XFire, WeGame, Fraps, Hypercam, but it’s either not free or it’s very limited in function. You may be in a trial version for a period of time but that’s it, nothing more.

With WeGame and XFire, it can only record videos in AVI format and has no editing function integrated on the software. You still need to find a good editor for your videos to enhance and add more effects. So still just a recording tool that records your game and nothing more.

There is a good, free alternative to WeGame and XFire, if you are looking for some freeware software that you can check out and capture your gameplay videos and do more than just screen recording. Try using Ezvid – a freeware screen recorder & a video editor for YouTube.

Free XFire and Wegame Alternative


Ezvid is a very lightweight free alternative to XFire and WeGame that lets you record video and audio simultaneously and very easily. While it renders video captured automatically onto its software for editing, it also supports lots of video file formats that it seems to be a universal screen recording tool for Windows. It is a total freeware.. so you can count on it and you’re sure that is totally free forever, unlike other software that tricks you into something free, yet its only free for a couple of days.

It includes some newly great features like speech synthesis, text captions, game recording tips,  automatically renders video after recording, ability to capture video  with or without audio, ability to duplicate or splice a file, and to play the file either faster or slower, and more.

Aside from being able to capture video, it can record screen. It captures almost everything  that happens on your computer, even simple cursor movements. After recording, it then creates a video file that is ready for upload to YouTube instantly without the need to convert or compress file into a usable format as Ezvid’s output is well accepted by YouTube, with only one click of a button, your video is instantly uploaded into your YouTube account.

Ezvid has the auto-saved functionality that most users would definitely love having it. What it does is it saves your files automatically thus you no longer have to worry about retrieving files in case you accidentally close the program or your PC shut down instantly as Ezvid does it for you. You can easily access your saved files, retrieve files, duplicate, edit and share.

The added free music soundtracks of Ezvid also play a very nice feature on its software. It gives you myriad choices for music you can choose as background for your in-game videos and what’s cool is that all of the music are 100% free and safe for use in YouTube. No copyright infringement. No violation. Nothing. You are sure that the music you use is copyright-clean and pretty much safe.

So if you are looking for some freeware software that has almost everything you need, get Ezvid and start capturing your in-game videos right away.


Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens