Is it Free to Use One True Media and Animoto?


Animoto and OneTrue Media are two online video makers.  They allow you to create video and photo montages online and send them to YouTube.  But, are they free?  Well, yes and no.

Yes, they’re free, if you don’t mind your video being branded with a logo before and after your video, don’t mind your videos to be low quality, and limited in other key features.  If you want to upload videos and photos of any length to YouTube in high definition with effects, text, narration, and music – you’ll have to pay a fee – which can be up to $40 a month!

Luckily, you can still create videos in HD using your own photos and videos with text, effects, and the works using a free program called ezvid.  Ezvid is a free software program that allows you to create videos from your computer, and upload them to YouTube in HD to share with your friends.  There is no hassle of complex non-linear video editing, no worrying about what format to export a video, no hassles.  Simply drag and drop your photos and videos into ezvid’s timeline, add text, effects, narration, and music with a few clicks, then click the ‘upload to YouTube’ button to send your video straight to YouTube.  That’s it.

Ezvid is fast, fun, and absolutely free.  Visit to download ezvid for Windows today.

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens