Animal Jam is an interactive online game created by National Geographic. Not only can you learn about different animal and plant species, but there’s also a full spectrum of games! You can share your Animal Jam gameplay on YouTube using Ezvid – a free video maker with a simple “Capture Screen” tool.

First, download and install Ezvid at

Open your internet browser and Log In to Animal Jam.

Run Ezvid and click the “Capture Screen” button.

Play Animal Jam, and when finished, press the Stop button.

After you press the Stop button, Ezvid immediately begins rendering your video and will place it in the media timeline. Afterwards, you can edit your video, change the background music, add text slides and more – all with Ezvid. Share your creation on YouTube with the click of a button! Told you it was simple!

Elizabeth Maartens
Posted by: Elizabeth Maartens
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